Page Rotation Tool

Page Rotation Tool

You can now rotate pages within your edition. This allows you to include pages that are oddly shaped, or pages with information that need a wider display. You upload the PDF as you would normally. Once inside the viewer, you rotate the pages that are outside of the specifications of the document.

How does it work?
To utilize the Page Rotation tool, first navigate to Design Template ->Features.

Click the box to enable the rotate option:

Remember to Save the change before your exit.

After you save your work, you will see a new icon in the top toolbar:

Rotation Icon

Now you can use the Rotation Icon.

Navigate to the page that you want to rotate.

Click the Rotation Icon:

You will see the selection box pop up:

Choose Page Rotation Degree

Choose the degree and direction of the rotation. You can choose to rotate it to the right, or the left:

Once you rotate the pages, you can flip through the pages in this view, or you can change the rotation back by clicking on the icon again.

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