Replace Pages or Replace Multiple Pages

Replace Pages or Replace Multiple Pages

Replace Pages

Replace Pages is a unique tool that allows you to replace pages in the digital edition in real time without needing to upload a new PDF. If you notice a typo or you need to update some information, you can replace single pages.

To do this, go to the Dashboard and click "Replace" under my Editions. You will see the Replace Page box:

Choose the Page number from the drop down menu. Then choose the individual PDF page you will be replacing:

You can see the page thumbnail of the page number at the bottom of the box:

Check “replace links” if the new page has new links on it. If you want the same links to stay on the replaced page you have to UNCHECK “replace links”:

Click the Replace button at the bottom and your page will replace!

Mass Replace Pages/Replace Multiple Pages

There is an additional feature in which you can replace multiple pages. You will see this at the bottom of the Replace Pages box:

To replace multiple pages at once, simply upload one PDF file with the pages in consecutive order, starting from the page number where the replacement pages begin (for example, if you need to start mass replacing pages from page 3 on, choose 3 in the dropdown menu).

Then press Replace.

This will streamline the mass page replacement process in one single action.

Import Text File

The import text file option allows you to upload the text file of your PDF, so you can define the text order on each page. This helps for ADA accessilbility so readers have access to the content. Read how to generate a text file to learn more.

Video Tutorial

View a video walkthrough of how to replace pages here.

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