Upload a new PDF

Upload a new PDF

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    • Upload a New Edition/ Upload a New Template

      Upload a new edition/PDF When you are ready to upload your PDF, click on My editions on the Main Navigation bar to the left, after selecting My editions, then click on New Edition. 1. Within Upload a New Edition, select the template name from a drop ...
    • How to Upload a PDF

      From the dashboard -  Click the Upload a PDF button: You will be taken to the Upload PDF screen: Select the Template, you can choose from Either New or Existing template: Name the template, if it is a new template.  Skip this step If it is an ...
    • How long does it take to upload a PDF?

      It takes mere minutes to upload a PDF into the DCatalog admin portal.
    • PDF Specs

      Upload a high resolution pdf All the pages must be merged in one continuous file The file needs to be a single page cropped, no double page spreads, and remove all crop marks if any All page sizes must be consistent with a maximum surface area of 400 ...
    • Replace PDF For Download

      When you upload a pdf, this is what creates the digital edition. When users view your digital edition, they can download the original pdf. Replace PDF for Download