Welcome Walkthrough

Welcome Walkthrough

Welcome to the DCatalog Admin Portal! We have many features and tools within our platform to enhance your content and make your digital editions stand out.  Please watch the welcome video here to learn the first steps to getting started with your digital flipbook or catalog.

We are here for you! We provide 2 weekly customer education webinars. We also offer an in-depth monthly webinar to learn about the latest platform enhancements, with tips to enhance your editions. Sign up here.
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    • Welcome Walkthrough Video

      Click here for a comprehensive overview of the DCatalog Admin.
    • Admin Tutorial Replay Button - Restart Welcome Tutorial

      The Admin Tutorial Replay Button is a helpful feature that gives you the ability to replay the tutorial walk through any time you want. Now when you add a new user or if you need a refresher for yourself, you can click the question mark button to ...
    • I want to make my version fillable...how?

      If you want to make a version fillable, it is actually quite simple. You will copy this code: /f?fillableform=1 and paste it at the end of your link. Here is an example below: ...
    • Can I change my URL?

      The URL link is created using the account name (in this sample, it is Admin-Walkthrough) and the edition title (in this sample, it is Test). https://Admin-Walkthrough.dcatalog.com/v/Test/ When you change the URL, you are changing the edition title. ...
    • Auto Archive Feature

      Make your library "pop" with DCatalog's "open archive" feature. Filter your library by edition name for easy access. How does it work? Go to the Dashboard.... Copy the Auto-Latest Link as shown below: Auto-Latest Link Example: ...