Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Advanced Features contain the Google Analytics section to enter your UA number as well as several other template setups, particularly if you purchased an eCommerce or Enterprise package.

Google Analytics/GA4

DCatalog integrates with Google Analytics to track page views, number of visitors, keywords searched and more. Enter your datastream number and Tag Manager ID in the box and press save to track this data.

Link Highlight Time is the amount of seconds that links are highlighted in the edition. The default highlight time is measured in milliseconds. Therefore, 3000 = 3 seconds, 1000 = 1 second, 10000 = 10 seconds, etc. 

Default Popup Width

The Default Popup Width sets the width of the popup box in multimedia settings.

Default Popup Height

The Default Popup Height sets the height of the popup box in multimedia settings.

The default link type allows you to choose how users open links within your content. Choose in the drop down menu from New Tab, Same Window, or New Window.

Default Link color sets the color of the links throughout the template.

Show Tooltip

Enable the tooltip to show or not.

Link Opacity is the opaqueness of the link color. You can set it to light, medium or dark opacity by sliding the bar.

Store Locator

Store Locator allows you to map the location of a store (if you have a brick-and-mortar store). You will enter the address into the box to activate this feature.

This allows you to turn on the advanced search so that your users can search by a term or phrase to narrow results.

Open Search Upon Load

Check this box if you want the search bar to open when the digital flipbook loads on the page. This way, your audience can search terms, products, or skus immediately. 

**Make sure that if you want to use this funtion, that you uncheck (or do not check) the Open TOC Upon Loading under Edition Tools.**

Show Text as SVG

Enable this option if you want to show your text as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to support interactivity and animation.

Lead Capture

When the Lead Capture is turned on, you will be able to receive information on leads. This feature is for eCommerce or Enterprise packages.

Show Product Icon

The Show Product Icon button lets you display the product icon. This feature is for eCommerce or Enterprise packages.

Product Icon

The Product Icon is the icon next to the products in your edition. There are 5 types to choose from, which you can access via the drop down menu.  Or you can choose a custom icon and upload it to this section. This feature is for eCommerce or Enterprise packages.

Product URL

Link your shopping platform products with the product URL. This feature is for eCommerce or Enterprise packages.

Checkout URL

The checkouturl enables you to create an eCommerce edition and let your users check out from the edition. This feature is for eCommerce or Enterprise packages.

Product Pop Up Type

Once you add your products, you can choose the pop up type you want to use to display them.

Image Resolution

Choose your desired image resolution from the drop down menu.

Add Page Labels

Check this box to activate page labels, or leave it unchecked if you do not need them.

Advanced Page Selection ( Print, Download dialogs )

Check this box to enable the ability to download or print a range of pages. Once you select Click to Download PDF on the viewer, a dialog box will pop up. You can choose to download all, or select a range to download:

Custom Page Curl

Custom page curl allows you to set the corner curl parameters in your flipbook. This is especially important if you have multimedia elements within your digital flipbook or catalog that are obscured by the amount of page curl. Now you can adjust the page curl on the top and bottom pages, in order to further customize the content as you please.

To use it, check the box to enable this feature.

Enter in the size of page curl at the top and bottom. 

Remember to Save the changes before you exit.

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